Preparatory actions

Preparatory actions

A1 - A2

The preparatory actions carried out by the project are the following:

  • Action A1 - Definition of reactivity thresholds through dendroclimatological sampling and analysis
  • Action A2 - Detailed design of the climate monitoring network and collection of geomorphological information.

In Action A1, the objectives are to identify those temperature and/or precipitation thresholds above and/or below which tree growth increases  or decreases in a certain lag of time. This action is necessary to identify the optimal moments when to apply the silvicultural interventions on the basis of the climatic monitoring (Actions A2).

Action A2 designs a climate monitoring network capable of providing spatially and temporally continuous information on the temperature and precipitation parameters where the demonstration areas fall in each selected forest. Four meteorological stations will be installed at the lower and upper elevation in the northern and southern exposure of the beech forests in each of the three forests focused in the project.

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Who we are

The LIFE AForClimate project aims to provide concrete options to achieve solutions in forestry and forest planning  that are effective in adapting to climate change.  The objective is to adapt the management of the beech forests (Fagus sylvatica) to the variability of climate and its changes during time by programming forest management and interventions on the basis of climate cycles.


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